Stäger goes RECYCLEAR

The Stäger Packaging Group has set itself the goal of increasing the sustainability of your thermoformed and transparent packaging through the consistent use of recycled material. Various international studies have shown that plastic packaging, when using as high a proportion of recycled material as possible, performs better in the life cycle assessment than new plastic or alternative materials such as paper/cardboard or bioplastics.

Stäger has now developed a new PET made from RECYCLEAR 100% PCR, which fully complies with the EU guidelines for recycling management. The material comes from post consumer waste, which is cleaned using a special Super Clean Process and can therefore be used for food applications and commercial packaging (EFSA approved).

In Great Britain, Stäger is the only manufacturer to largely use “British plastic from British waste” for transparent packaging and has recently also been able to offer recycled materials that were saved from being disposed of in the sea.

The Stäger Packaging Group is actively involved in the public and commercial recycling of PET and PP mono packaging in the EU, UK and Switzerland. PET and PP are too valuable substances to be thermally recycled after one product cycle. A PET polymer can be recycled and reused up to 7 times. By collecting and recycling PET bottles, transparent PET mono-material trays and blisters, we conserve fossil resources and prevent environmental pollution. This promotes the circular economy, which the EU, many consumer goods manufacturers and supermarket chains have set themselves as a goal by 2025. We would be happy to advise you on how you can increase the sustainability of your plastic packaging.