Setting Standards – Packaging without Limits

At Stäger we are very proud to have served customers for over 160 years with mutual trust and respect. We have adapted our business over the years to meet the evolving needs of our customers, but our promise to providing you with high quality, dependable customer service has never changed.

The Stäger team is also committed to providing sustainable products with the focus on “reducing, reusing, recycling and replace”. Packaging material, used responsibly, will help you to protect and promote your products and your brand. Our experts are continuously looking for alternate materials and the latest technology to minimize costs and the impact on our environment. We take an active role in an industry where innovation is key to customer satisfaction.

Stäger has grown from a small, 2-person Swiss business to an international company with production in three countries and an extensive portfolio of products which provide packaging without limits. However, we have always kept to our Swiss roots with a deep belief in providing precision quality, reliability and innovation to our customers.

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