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Trays and Inlays

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Wide variety of applications

Stäger’s tray constructions for meat, fish and poultry packaging are made out of transparent or coloured materials, also with barrier foils, in a variety of models and are inlayed with absorbent pads. The various trays and inlays offer an optimal cost/benefit ratio to our customers. When choosing the right and contemporary material, we focus on a design that is suitable for recycling so that the product can be fed back into a cycle.

Sorting inlays for chocolates and biscuits come mainly in a variety of brown and metallic PET foils with diverse surface textures in order to present the product in the most attractive manner.

Transport trays and protective coverings are ideal solutions predominantly for technical goods. The wide spectrum of potential material utilization of PET and Polystyrene allow multiple usages and provide electrical conductivity and anti-static properties.

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