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Clam Packs

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A View from All Sides

Clam Packs manufactured out of Recyclear RPET allow products in the food and non-food industries to be optimally showcased in its entirety. A variety of construction options allow for optimized protection properties even for delicate products. In addition the “fill and close” concept significantly facilitates the filling process.

Stäger possesses extensive expertise and know-how in the manufacturing of closure mechanisms for clam packs. For example the self-closing hook construction which complies with the highest demands. Multiple folding out clam packs are also part of our special expertise.

Folding blisters can be complemented with exact fitting inlay trays allowing multiple sub products to be packed together. Carefully thought-out ribbed constructions optimize material usage while maintaining packaging robustness. This type of packaging can also be supplemented with a printed cardboard insert, which, as a design component, achieves better advertising effectiveness.

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