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All Around Impressive

Products dressed in a clear round box enjoy high attraction due to the unique form and design. The packaged goods always remain the focal point whether the design is highly finished or fully transparent.

Stäger is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of tubes made out of transparent foil. Our own manufacturing of automated round tube machinery permits us to develop the most innovative forms combined with a highly diverse selection of materials. This allows us to offer our tubes with the best cost/benefit relationship.

Our finished round tubes, mainly out of Recyclear PET, are offered in a length of 30 mm to 340 mm and a diameter of 40 mm to 180 mm. The bases are made out of welded Recyclear PET and out of welded, thermoformed or injection moulded lids. In the premium segment we offer base and lid constructions out of partially embossed and lacquered metal. Thermoformed inlays offer optimal support of the packaged product and can even make the product appear to float.

The latest development is the CARDTUBE, consisting of a cardboard casing with a cardboard bottom and a transparent lid, which simultaneously provides a tamper-evident guarantee and a reclosability.

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