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Optimal Visibility With Blisters

Transparent blister packaging with Recyclear PET allows an ideal presentation of a product’s contents and is therefore especially informative and provides advertising appeal. In addition to a high product and theft protection the packaging process with blisters can be efficiently managed. Blisters offer exceptional cost/benefit effectiveness.

Sliding blisters: Blister cards made out of printed carton slide into the bent edges of the blister cover. These cards are in turn linked with the blister cover directly or with a label and can be disposed of separately. The filling process can be significantly optimized through the use of our perfected technique in edge shaping.

Seal blisters: In contrast to sliding blisters the blister cover of a seal blister has a flat surface on which the blister card is sealed or glued. The reinforced connection economizes material usage. Usage of seal blisters are mostly for automated filling.

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