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Impart Taste through Appealing Design

There is a trend in the food packaging industry away from vacuum clear foil packaging to thermoformed trays allowing a more attractive presentation and higher stacking capacity as well as stability of the product.

Our food trays for meat, poultry and fish, either single or multi-sectional, provide the optimal construction based on product requirements. These also achieve an outstanding optical effect while simultaneously extending the shelf life of foods compared to alternative packaging materials. Barrier properties, for example aroma and taste protection, are guaranteed through the use of multiple layers of foil. Humidity is managed via inlaid absorbable pads. An innovative airing system has been developed for fresh fruit containers.

In order to address the increasing demand for tamper resistant and re-closable products Stäger has made significant investments in the development know-how of sealed and hinged packaging. Our multi tray solutions for vegetables and salad with side supplements, including cutlery, highlight the user-friendly aspect of our packaging.

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